His works

As a multidisciplinary artist (visual art/ design/writing) my artistic work covers a wide range of areas. Material is always subordinate to the goal.

This means that I have designed and realized unique pieces of glassware, furniture, (large) monumental spatial artworks, war monuments, follies, fashion, unique women’s bags, bridges, architecture, and have recently written a book.

With regard to designing and making design in a broad sense, I base myself on the following starting point: Everything that comes or lives directly from the earth is not invented by man. Everything else is. Is designed and designed, and because that is so it can always be different and often more beautiful or better.

Different starting points apply to my visual art.

The multiplicity of different work over time is always based on a specific thought as a starting point, which is based on an appropriate visual language, and is shaped.

On this basis, different periods in my work can be distinguished.

In terms of external appearance often completely different from the previous and without background information more difficult to interpret, but it is always a consistent consequence of the preceding stream of thoughts.

The use of very diverse materials to express this is then a logical consequence.

For working in public space, I use different criteria that are based more on the purpose and meaning and spatial context of the artwork to be realized.

I like to work on commission because I enjoy creating something valuable together.