1982 -Sculpture Residential Area Pachtersveld, Apeldoorn

1982 -Glass Wall Christian Technical School, Elburg

1983 -Sculpture PCBO School “De Ark”, Apeldoorn

1983 -Glass Wall Boardroom Building Corporation Public Housing, Ermelo

1985 -Living Room Doors for the residence of the Architect, K.v.d.Meyden Ermelo

1987 -Design and completion of Harvard Berenschot Prize, USA

1990 -Style mark for Architecture Prize, Apeldoorn

1992 -War Monument Woeste Hoeve

1992 -Promotional gift “Small Bridge” (65 pcs) for Schuring Advertising, Amstelveen

1992 -Sculpture for Apeldoorn City Hall commissioned by VanBruggen Adviesgroep

1993 -Glass Sculpture “25 Years Tetterode BV”, Voorthuizen

1993 -Plaquette Architecture Prize, Apeldoorn

1993 -Design/Production “Kunstkoek” with Openluchtmuseum Oosterbeek commissioned by S.B.K. Gelderland

1993 -Integral design Keersluis (time lock), Hattem

1996 -Monumental sculpture Residential Area Roodwilligen, Zevenaar commissioned by the municipality

1996 -Memorial Stones for display with Ciltron Sliedrecht, commissioned by the Hoogenberg Family, Apeldoorn

1997 -Development Municipal Honorability Prize, Apeldoorn

1996 -Solidarity Sculpture with joint churches, Apeldoorn

1996 -Design 3 bridge types commissioned by Leidschenveen

1998 -Bike and Pedestrian Bridge “De Freule” across the Apeldoorn Canal (built in 1999) commissioned by the Municipality of Apeldoorn

1998 -Folly commissioned by the Lion’s Club Apeldoorn for Beekpark (placed in 2003)

1998 -Design of a family of bridges for the residential Het Jeurlink in Deventer

1998 -Design Play Motivation Object commissioned by workforce Drakenburg, Deventer

1998 -Monumental art application Spankeren Bridge, Dieren commissioned by Municipality Rheden and Province Gelderland (realized in 2002)

1999 -Monumental art application Dieren Roundabout commissioned by the Province of Gelderland (realized in 2002)

1999 -Water Fountain and Square “The Source” (Dutch: De Bron) commissioned by St. Joseph Building Corporation (realized in 2003) 2000 -Development steal public street furniture with Ciltron Sliedrecht, For Municipality of Hattem commissioned by Waterschap Veluwe

1999 -Development granite public street furniture for Floriade commissioned by the Hoogenberg Family

2003 -Design and realization of 2 “Thinking Alcoves” (Dutch: Gedachte nissen) commissioned by the Hof Church, Apeldoorn

2003 -Design and realization of 2 glass sculptures commissioned by the board of Public Swimming Pool Sprenkelaar, Apeldoorn

2003 -Development of new garden separations for Topro Landscaper, Laag Soeren commissioned by the Buitenzinnig Family

2003 -Development of garden table, outside bench, fencing posts for 2plus2, Gorinchem

2004 -Design 500m2 Offices in cooperation with Bureau Artec

2004 -Design and realization War Monument commemorating forced laborers, Apeldoorn

2005 -First Edition of the Apeldoorn Poetry Project with Rutger Kopland

2005 -Holocaust Monument commissioned by the surviving relatives of the Jewish Community of Apeldoorn

2005 -International Folly Contest, Honorable Mention by International Jury

2005 -Design: “Ancient Wind Machine”, Folly Dock Rotterdam

2005  -Exhibition Design at NAI Rotterdam

2007 -Design public bench commissioned by entrepreneurs of Caterplein (public square), Apeldoorn             

2007 -Design and realization sculpture: “Interactive Ring”, a gift to CODA Museum Apeldoorn, commissioned by St.2000 and Kadaster

2007 -Curator for the supporting program of the Int’l Garden and Landscape Triennial

2007 -Architecture Exhibition “Prelude” commissioned by the Municipality of Apeldoorn

2007 -Folly: “Un Arbre Royal” (a royal tree) for National Museum Paleis Het Loo

2007 -Design and realization of a plaquette for Omnisport Apeldoorn

2007 -Design and realization seating sculpture and lighting: ”Sparkling Bench” commissioned by Building Corporation “Ons Huis”, Apeldoorn

2008 -Design 2nd Poetry Project (folly) with poet Paul Gellings – realization in

2009 -Meditation Spot, Soerenseweg Cemetery Apeldoorn commissioned by Collective Cemeteries (with Foundation for Expressive Arts)

2009 -Design 3rd Poetry Project with poet T. Van Deel – realization 2009 commissioned by Urban Development Apeldoorn

2009 -Design War Monument for the Wiltshire Regiment in Residential Area Schuytgraaf  commissioned by the Municipality of Arnhem (realization 2009)

2009 -Participation in design for Landmark “Hollandse brug” (Dutch Bridge) connecting the A6 Muiderberg Lelystad in cooperation with Bureau Artec

2008 -Design project “Mist Scaping” commissioned by Waterboard Veluwe (realization 2010)

2008 -Design and realization Memorial Stone for Prof. Van Berk, Bunnik -Guest Curator (Initiator) Exhibition “The Imagination”,

2008 -Italian sculptures from Val Gardena for Museum CODA Apeldoorn

2008 -Design (with 3 competitors) of grand sculpture Market Square Hengelo, commissioned by the Municipality of Hengelo

2008 -Monumental Poetry Art, Water Purification RWZI, Epe (realization 2012)

2014 -Design 2 follies/pavilions (competition) for Fraelymaborg Museum, Slochteren 2015 -Design and assignment Monumental sculpture Harderwijk Roundabout   commissioned by Van Megen Metal, Ugchelen (realization 2016)

2016 -Photo shoot by invitation of fashion designer Helena Bedrnova from Prague, Czech Republic, for a publication in “Perfect Woman” about one-of-a-kind designer handbags and fashion. Photographer: Vera Verenova. Model: Jana Militka

2016 -Design and assignment Poetry Project / Art  commissioned by the Neighborhood Council Welgelegen, Apeldoorn

2016 -Assignment for sketch of multifunctional pavilion in Zuidbroek Public Garden, Apeldoorn commissioned by Foundation Zuidbroek Public Garden Apeldoorn in cooperation with Architect Agency Lars Courage

2016 -Design and realization of new type of Memorial Stone in Star Galaxy granite commissioned by Stone Masonry Hoogenberg, Apeldoorn

2016 -Design and realization Crystal Chandelier with the Glass-blowing Factory, Leerdam 

2016 -Design and realization of 2 unique crystal objects inn Emmen

2016 -Design “White Circle” public bench commissioned by Bankjesparade, Heemskerk

2016 -Design and realization 6 unique cystal Unica with the glassblowing factory     Leerdam

2016 -Design and assignment for a monumental sculpture on the graveyard Ermelo Commissioned by the municipal Ermelo

Advisory Reports

1990 – Lecture about the phenomenon Folly

1997 – Research and recommendations for restauration of art work at ING Bank HQ, Amsterdam

2007 – Prelude “Nice” planning proposition for the Triennial Apeldoorn (guest vurator). 

2012 – Restauration proposal for the bike and pedestrian bridge “De Freule”, Apeldoorn

2014 – Advisory Report for façade restauration of Rijnveste Building, Leiden commissioned by Mr R. Trommelen (Micone, cleaning specialists)